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Custom Enchantments

Custom enchantments are a variety of non-vanilla enchantments that anybody can access providing they have the correct amount of CE tokens. They can be accessed via /ce.

How do they work?

They are simple to understand in that they are an extension to regular enchantments (sharpness, unbreaking etc...). To apply a custom enchantment to a tool or weapon, simply hold your item and right click the sign for the enchantment you wish to upgrade. As briefly mentioned previously, custom enchantments are applied by using its own currency in the form of CE tokens. These are rewarded by voting and other methods and are only used to upgrade items. A wide variety of tools, weapons and armor are available to use these custom enchants within kits, OP items and airdrop rewards.

Which custom enchantments can I get?

Category Enchant Effects Applies
Combat Confusion Chance to apply confusion to your opponent Diamond Sword and Diamond Axe
Decapitate Drops your opponent's head Diamond Sword
Hunger Chance to apply hunger to your opponent Diamond Sword, Diamond Axe and Bow
Rage Higher combos deal more damage to your opponent Diamond Sword and Diamond Axe
Vampire Sucks your opponent's health Diamond Sword and Diamond Axe
Mining AutoSmelt Automatically smelts mined ores Diamond Pickaxe
Inquisitive Makes mobs give more exp Diamond Sword

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