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Survival Reset

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Apr 16, 2021.

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    Hey everyone,

    It has been just over a year since the release of the current season of Survival. In that time, it has had its ups and downs, but now is the time to finally move forward. After nearly four years, we now possess the ability and capability to move into the latest versions of Minecraft without having significant performance issues, which is a huge reason on its own to bring about this reset. Irrespective of that, let’s get into the other new features coming with this new season.

    The Farm
    New with this season is the addition of The Farm, a place that you can freely farm any of the self-regenerating crops available there to your heart’s content! The Farm is always available, but do note that the time in which the crops will regenerate is based on the player count. You may access The Farm at any rank by doing /warp Farm.

    Chunk Collectors & New Farming System
    A major change to how farming will work this reset is the addition of both Chunk Collectors and a brand new mechanic to building mega-farms. With the potential performance implications of the latest versions of Minecraft, limitations must be put in place to ensure we can provide a stable experience.

    Chunk Collectors will pick up most farmable items that are spawned in a chunk, which you can then bulk-sell, allowing you to AFK near them to keep them loaded more often. Be advised that Chunk Collectors have a sell degradation tax if too many items are stored in it. The amount that you are taxed depends on how much is stored in it but will eventually cap out. You may also sell items from Chunk Collectors with a SellWand.
    • All players may only have access to and build one mega farm with a maximum size of 2x2 chunks
      • Alt accounts do not count as separate accounts, in this case, they are still your accounts
    • Owning a farm with the intention of giving majority earnings to another account to bypass the single farm rule is not allowed
      • This will result in the punishment of both players and may result in the removal of said farm
    • Chunk Collectors are now mandatory for farms that take up excessive amounts of space, both horizontally and vertically
      • These are relatively easy to receive from voting, ranking up, and buying from the store
    • Hiding Chunk Collectors in range of another player’s farm without their explicit consent is not allowed
      • This will result in the removal of all profits, and also a severe punishment
    Note: You may view an example build of the new farm system at /warp Tutorial, which will explain the mechanics of said new system.
    New Cosmetics System
    One of our long-term goals was to eventually introduce a new centralised cosmetics system, and that’s exactly what will be happening come release day! Contained in this system is a mixture of both currently-existing cosmetics as well as brand new cosmetics not-before-seen on the server.


    The following cosmetics will be available with the new system:
    • Arrow Trails (particle trails follow arrows you shoot)
    • Death Message Packs (coming post-release)
    • Emotes (same as current system)
    • Glow (same as current system, but with the ability to choose colors)
    • Join Message Packs (replaces /join with predefined message packs)
    • Kill Message Packs (coming post-release)
    • Name Colors (same as current system, but expanded to support RGB and gradients)
    • Nameplates (message showing above your nameplate)
    • Sprays (seen previously, spray an image onto any surface temporarily)
    • Symbols (replaces current tags, tags will be converted automatically)
    • Tags (replaces /suffix with predefined tags)
    • Trails (particle trails that form various shapes)
    • Wings (like trails, but in the shape of wings on your back
    With these new cosmetics, the system supports full RGB values, meaning we can do much more intricate colors, effects, and gradients that was never possible before. You may toggle your cosmetics off and on via the main cosmetics menu, or by going into each cosmetics’ menu which will not wipe your chosen cosmetics.

    Note: You must be running at minimum Minecraft 1.16 in order to see RGB values.

    Upgraded Player Warps
    Since its introduction, Player Warps have been a staple feature of Survival, but due to the underlying backend, it was extremely difficult to add major upgrades due to the potential performance impact. However, we now have a brand new player warp system built from the ground up with all the features of the current system, plus extra.


    Sponsored Warps
    With this reset, you may now filter warps based on a variety of statistics, ranging from the most visited to the oldest warps.


    Warp Ratings
    As you can see in the above image, there is a filter option for the highest-rated warp. This goes hand-in-hand with the addition of warp liking and disliking.
    Alongside the addition of warp ratings, you can now see much more information about a warp that may help you get a better understanding of a warp and whether you would like to go to it.

    Warp Icons
    The last of the new changes to the warp system is the ability to set icons for your warps. These icon packs may be unlocked through various means. These icons will show across all warp menus.


    Smaller Changes
    While we have had a good amount of major changes, there have also been a wide variety of smaller changes made to the server in the new season.

    The smaller changes are as follows:
    • Added more achievements based around 1.16
    • Added player level to the hover in chat
    • Added the next reboot time to the hologram in spawn
    • Added Mob Arena speedruns
      • Compete for the best completion times in solos and duos
      • All attempts are automatically entered into the speedrun
    • Added Valley Mob Arena
      • Wave style will be different to before, will have more of a focus on bosses
    • Changed how ancient debris is gathered
      • Breaking ancient debris will instead drop netherite scraps
    • Moved all major systems to 1.16
    • Moved player shops to a new Auction House previously seen on Skyblock Red
    • Updated economy to support 1.13-1.16 blocks and items
    • Upgraded the server to 1.16.5
    • Item Upgrading has been made much more robust
      • You no longer need to do /upgrade while holding the tool you wish to upgrade
      • Opening a tool’s upgrades while holding it will allow you to directly upgrade it from that menu
    • Removed /suffix
      • Please contact support for compensation
      • The cutoff date for compensation will be two weeks from the day of release (May 1st, 2021)
    • Removed /join
      • Please contact support for compensation
      • The cutoff date for compensation will be two weeks from the day of release (May 1st, 2021)
    • Removed /withdraw
    • Removed leaderboards at spawn
    • Removed MCMMO Credits
    • Removed the ability to place beds in the nether and end
    Survival will be resetting this Saturday, April 17th at 3PM EDT. The live server will be brought down on the same day at 7AM EDT in order for us to do preparations to transition the server over to the new season.

    Data Transfers
    As with every reset, certain data will be brought over to the new season.

    Data Kept:
    • Paid ranks
    • Unlockables
    • Purchased commands (with the exception of the aforementioned commands)
    Data Lost:
    • All balances
    • In-game ranks (not paid ranks)
    • Claims
    • Consumable items (money, EXP, Claimblocks, BM Coins, etc…)
    • All world and builds
    World Download
    Shortly after release, we plan to make the world from the current season available for download. As well as this season's world, we plan to make available the world from Survival season 2. These worlds and their download links will be announced in the NemeGaming Discord, so ensure you're in there if you would like to download the worlds.

    Note: No player data will be provided with these downloads for security purposes. The only files made available will be world region files.

    With all that said, that concludes this announcement about what will be coming in the new season of Survival! If you have any questions about this upcoming season, then be sure to join the NemeGaming Discord.

    Thank you all for reading, we’ll see you when the server resets!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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    Hype!! So much to look forward to, cannot wait to start playing 1.16 properly.
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    Very exciting! Looking forward to everything you guys can accomplish!
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    Looks POG just sad about /suffix

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